Katrina Jade – Interracial Blowbang
Released: November 19, 2015
Rico Hard tears a “chop shop”. He’ll grab a newly stolen vehicle, change up VIN numerates, establish a false “flushed slip”, also indemnity compositions, turning a cute part of domain toward something legit. Katrina Jade is a automobile highwayman, further she comprehends of Rico’s traffic. Katrina purely tore away a sometime-matrix Camaro, also she understands — earlier it’s got a recent VIN, pink layer besides armors — that she’s gonna constitute a excellent tally. What she doesn’t apprehend is Rico’s benefits aren’t unrestrained. Moreover she doesn’t hold the cash to shape her auto legit. Rico puts it bluntly: “go upstairs furthermore wages the mortal prior I can favor you!” Katrina’s adjoining question? There’s eight of “the man”, furthermore they total wish to wear her voice some via they select. Katrina’s never sucked eccentric so numerous dark bulls previous, however she’ll acquire it happen…and absorb many eight noisys preceding cashing in on the excellents.
1920×1080 / MPEG-4 / 23min 50s / 1.69 GB